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  • Biography Jason Mercera
  • Name:
  • Born:
  • Height:
    1,60 M
  • Weight:
    54 Kg
  • Hair:
    Black/Brown Curls
  • Eyes:
  • Skills:
    Urban styles,African,Jazz,Tap dance
  • Dance Teacher:
  • Education:
    Lucia Marthas School for Performing Arts
  • Driving License:

The Foundation

Jason (1994) was born and raised in Capelle a/d IJssel (suburb of Rotterdam) in The Netherlands. When he was just eight years old, he was already interested in the performing arts and decided to audition for little Simba in the international production The Lion King (produced by Stage Entertainment) in Holland. Out of the many applications, he was chosen to play the main part in the musical and ended up playing the role of Simba for no less than three seasons (2004-2007). The foundation for his career was created.

Lucia Marthas (founder and director of the Institute of Performing Arts Lucia Marthas in Amsterdam) recognized talent and asked Jason to audition for the academy. He was accepted and followed the preliminary program Dance next to his normal elementary and, later on, high school. Since his normal school was at his home place and the program was taught in Amsterdam, Jason had to be completely committed to his education. After high school it was no surprise that he did his bachelor in Dance Leadership at the same institute. Instead of the normal four year program, he was allowed to do the three year crash course and finished it in 2014.

Work Experience

Next to The Lion King, Jason was allowed to show his talent in much more productions. Since he was twelve years old, he performed in several shows as performer. At television a.o.: (Junior) Eurovision Songcontest (AVRO), Kids Choice Awards (Nickelodeon) and Popstars (SBS6). At the theatre he performed in several productions of Stage Entertainment/Joop van den Ende Theaterproductions and in dinnershows. Furthermore he participated in the video clip of Ralf Mackenbach (winner Junior Eurovision Songcontest 2009), did voice-overs for a.o. iCarly (Nickelodeon) and The Naked Brothers Band (Nickelodeon), and did fashion shows inland and abroad. He worked for Sony Entertainment for a longer period and choreographed video clips for a.o. Nina June, Shelton Telesford and Suleigha Winkel.

Urban Dance

Within the education program at the institute, Jason was attracted to the urban dance styles of Vogue, Dancehall and Waacking. He participated in workshops and masterclasses of known dancers and choreographers from New York, a.o. Anthony Burrell (Beyoncé), Leyomi Mizrahi, Aviance Milan and Archie Burnett. Meanwhile, Jason is a widely solicited teacher for these urban styles.

The Future

In his younger days of being an artist, Jason has gained a lot of experience. He is determined and driven to show more of him as an artist and therefor started his own entertainment company: JMEntertainment. His own shows and projects, as The Seven Deadly Sins and Young Kings Performance School (together with his sister Tibisay Mercera), are just examples of what he wants to show and bring to the world. Making a statement in the international entertainment and being acknowledged as a dancer, choreographer and theatrical producer is what his mission is for the future years. or click the link of his promotion Art Video

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